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                        Product name

                        unbonded pc strand

                        Product description
                        Product:PC STRAND / STEEL STRAND / PC STEEL STRAND/Ground Tackle
                        Standard:ASTM A416, ABNT NBR 7483:2008, BS5896-1980, EN10138-3, GB/T5224-2003, IS6006, JISG3536, AS4672
                        15.2mm,15.7m,17.8mm,18.9mm, 21.6mm, 21.8mm
                        Categories: plain, spiral ribs, indented, galvanized, PE coated, epoxy resin coated.
                        Construction: 1*3,1X7 pc strand:1x19 pc strand or Customer’s requirement
                        Type:Prestressed Concrete strand
                        Surface:oil coated Retard-bonded prestressed steel strand
                        Tensile Strength:1770Mpa / 1860Mpa / 1960Mpa, the 1000h Relaxation is 2.0% max and the elongation is 4.0% min.
                        Weight of coil:2-4 tons
                        Market:Saudi arabia pc strand,Malaysia pc strand,Kuwait pc strand,Dubai pc strand,UAE pc strand, Singapore pc strand,Indonesia pc strand,Australia pc strand,UK pc strand ,Thailand pc strand,Qatar Doha pc strand,India pc strand,Jordan pc strand,Bahrain pc strand,Yemen pc strand,Iran pc strand,Lebanon pc strand,Israel pc strand,Syria pc strand,Ethiopia pc strand,Mauritius pc strand,Nigeria pc strand,Kenya pc strand,South africa pc strand,Mozambique pc strand,England pc strand,Argentina pc strand,Panama pc strand ,Russia pc strand,Canada pc strand,chile pc strand,spain pc strand,Peru pc strand,Brazil pc strand,Italy pc strand,china good quality factory for pc strand.China pc strand .
                        Supply Ability:10000 Ton/Tons per Month 15.7mm PC steel strand
                        Packing in coils ,with pvc film and weaving bag / hessian cloth . 
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